Warts on the body

Body warts are growths on the skin that have the ability to multiply. This is a disease caused by exposure to the human body of the human papillomavirus, in the abbreviation known as HPV. Warts on the body have a different etiology and the factors causing the development of this disease are different viruses, of which there are more than sixty types. Developing as a benign neoplasm on the skin, warts on the body can subsequently acquire malignant characteristics.

Causes of warts on the body

Anyone can develop warts on the body, regardless of gender or age. The papillomavirus enters the body through mucous membranes or the skin, penetrating under the epithelium and is retained in nerve tissues.

The onset and development of the infection is influenced by:

  • Nervous irritation, severe fatigue, anger
  • Depression, stressful body state
  • The presence of cuts, scratches, abrasions. Direct contact with a person infected with the virus, as a result of which he can freely penetrate his nerve tissues, is limited in the duration of the exposure. But the life of the virus outside the human body can last up to three hours. Therefore, even the presence of minor microtrauma will easily lead to the fact that HPV will remain with you for a long time. This can happen through daily interaction: common dishes, places of mass visitation (swimming pool, spa, public transport), etc.
  • The presence of a comfortable environment for the activation of the virus. This is facilitated by a hot and humid environment. That is why, when choosing a place to spread, warts often appear on the body on the soles of the feet, making walking difficult and painful.
  • Excessive sweat

Important: try not to fight warts alone. This can get hurt even more. Seek the advice of a specialist so that he can give you qualified recommendations and prescribe a course of treatment.

Types of warts on the body

  1. Common or common warts. They are convex formations of small size, gray or gray-white in color;
  2. Flat warts. It is especially common in children and young people. They differ in the smoothness of the surface. Often located on the hands and face
  3. Filiform warts. This refers to the long appendages of the skin. Often located in the armpits, neck and face, especially under the nose, on the eyelids and near the lips
  4. Senile warts. These skin growths are non-viral in nature, so it is wrong to call them warts. They appear in people over 40 and are characterized by an oily surface. They are dark in color, do not cause pain
  5. Plantar warts. Often located in the area of the feet, they can cause severe pain. Occurs mainly in the toes or heels
  6. Genital warts. They are warts that appear on Organs genitals of women and men and can cause severe discomfort. They differ in a greyish-white tint, they can be located in the mucous membranes of the genitals. Sometimes they appear in groups, they form small tumors. If these formations occur, experts recommend that you see a doctor immediately.
Common, flat, filiform, plantar and senile warts and genital warts

Symptoms and diagnosis

You can determine if you have warts on your body according to the following symptoms:

  • The appearance of rashes on the body, which may have a unique character
  • The rash appears as dense nodules, with clearly defined edges of a yellow-gray color

Basically, warts on the body appear on the hands, knees, feet, so it is easy to identify the disease by visual inspection.

If warts are detected, it is recommended to consult a specialist, a dermatovenerologist, who will rule out other possible infections and indicate the type of disease (flat, pointed, filamentous warts, etc. ) and medications to combat HPV.

Wart on finger

Treatment methods

The methods of treating warts on the body are divided into traditional and alternative (popular) medicine methods. The most popular method is to use celandine juice, which is applied to the wart. Dandelion juice is used in the same way. However, the treatment prescribed without the participation of a specialist can have very disastrous consequences, for which there can be severe inflammation and further spread of the virus, dense keloid scars, etc. In cases of using drug treatment methods, the doctor is responsible for the result and, therefore, you can trust your verdict without fear.

Techniques to remove warts on the body:

  • Laser wart removal is a bloodless and less traumatic method of removing warts. During operation, the laser beam penetrates deep into the body of the wart and burns it
  • Electrocoagulation is a method of exposing high frequency to current. Has a positive function of disinfection of nearby tissues
  • Liquid nitrogen warts removal method - uses deep freezing effect
  • Surgical plasty or excision of warts

In any case, try not to fight warts alone. This can get hurt even more. Seek the advice of a specialist so that he can give you qualified recommendations and prescribe a course of treatment.

Scientist research: the nature of warts will soon be revealed

Scientists at the University of Buffalo have discovered new data on the formation of warts during the elimination of healthy cells caused by autoimmune antibodies. The information obtained may become the key in the development of autoimmune mechanisms and the reason for creating a mass examination of patients with autoimmune diseases, of which in the United States alone there are about 10% of the total population.

Important: Basically, warts on the body appear on the hands, knees, feet, so it is easy to identify the disease by visual examination.

The process of wart formation is an autoimmune skin disease in which autoimmune antibodies begin to destroy healthy cells, mistaking them for pathogenic structures. This disease can be treated with hormonal immunosuppressants.

Over the course of the study, scientists at the University of Buffalo used the method of atomic force microscopy to study in detail the junctions of cell membranes, mistaken for pathogenic structures, whose membranes, after an autoimmune attack, collapsed inwards. According to scientists, these joints have not been studied or considered in the past, but they may contain knowledge that could explain the formation of warts.

Among other things, scientists were able to discover that the warts formation process is triggered by the activity of only a few autoimmune antibodies.

Internet reviews: how to get rid of warts on the body

Almost everyone has found warts on the body, and on the Internet, many are happy to share ways to get rid of this disease. We've put together some tips and testimonials from people to help you get rid of your wart problems forever.

  • "I have warts frequently, I use celandine - the best medicine. It is sold in pharmacies - the main thing is to rub it carefully so as not to burn your skin. "
  • "My wife and I removed the wart with celandine, various ointments and iodine - nothing helped. The wart was on the foot, it was not very comfortable to walk. As a result, we went to the doctor and removed it with liquid nitrogen - it hurt, but there was no trace left. , I've been walking normally for three years ".
  • "I had several warts on the sole. A medical plaster helped - I glued it on, and when the wart softened, I cut it with scissors. They grew several times, I smoothed it again, I cut it - and so on until it disappeared. "
  • "No product from the pharmacy helps me with warts, nor celandine, nothing. There is no money for moxibustion, and I am afraid. I always fight warts with raw potatoes - I tie a piece to the wart and change it every day. I walklike that for 7 to 10 days - and everything disappears. "
  • "I always put garlic juice on the warts. Celandine doesn't help, but I'm going to anoint garlic for two weeks - and the wart somehow dries up and disappears. "